$17,000 Lalique Masque De Femme Lamp

This Lalique Masque De Femme Lamp was handmade in France and features 3 LED strips and is clear crystal with a chrome finish. Overview: The Masque de Femme panel created by René Lalique in 1935 embodies the imaginative power...

$3,500 Frette Flaire Quilt

This Frette Flaire Quilt was made in Italy and is 72% silk, 28% acrylic and has a pure cotton backing. It retails for $3,510.20 CLICK HERE TO SEE THE QUILT

$483 Harry Potter Final Challenge Chess Set

A recreation of the Final Challenge Chess Set, as seen in the film Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone™, this exquisite collectors’ item comprises 32 intricately detailed chess pieces along with a stunning playing...

$98,000 SIDNEY GARBER 11 Rows Bracelet

This SIDNEY GARBER 11 Rows Bracelet is made of polished 18k white gold and showcases 11 rows of sparkling white diamonds (23.10 ct) It retails for $98,000. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE BRACELET 

$3,500 Wood Sculpture

This STINSON STUDIOS Maple Burl Wood Sculpture was made in Canada an is handcrafted of brown maple burl wood treated with a food-grade polish. It retails for $3,500. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE SCULPTURE